Saturday, December 31, 2011

Keeping Up with the Laundry

Keeping Up with the Laundry

So it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged. After Halloween I decided that I would go through my entire house and reorganize, de-clutter and regroup. So, off to Home Depot to pick up large boxes, 10 to be exact! Everyday after work, I would change into my “de-clutter” clothes, turn on the music, open a closet door, a kitchen cabinet, a dresser drawer and began to access the importance of each item; oh, here it is, or why in the heck did I buy this? Sometimes running across things that I was confused about what to do with; should I keep it or should I get rid of it, hmm?

Two closets and all the kitchen cabinets complete. If I have not used it in a year, it had to go. Wow, 3 boxes full already. I will just move them here (in the living room). Over the next week I have 7 boxes full of stuff sitting in the living room. When I entered the door from work, why was I feeling so overwhelmed?

The problem was, I did not realize how much effort this would take considering, work, ballet class, theater class, out of town Thanksgiving trip, Christmas decorating, Christmas shopping, guest coming for the holiday, wrapping gifts, etc.…HELP MOM, I NEED YOU!

Mom prides herself on her organizing skills. She always boasts how she raised 5 kids in a two bedroom home. I have to say, our home was always perfect. Each one of us had our own drawer with carefully ironed t-shirts and undies. On Saturday mornings, we could hear the washer going before we were even out of the bed. She just knew what to do. Everything had a place and it stayed that way. Now that I think about it, I have no idea where she kept our toys. I can tell you for sure, they were never all over the house.

In comes mom, a week earlier than usual. Normally I fuss with her about things I should or should not do. (You know, the typical mom-daughter relationship), this time though, I was quiet. I took in everything she told me, including the best tip for keeping up with the laundry; “wash smaller loads and fold them as soon as the dryer stops.” That makes all the sense in the world. I’m not sure why I always waited until my washer was filled to maximum capacity!

Over the next week, we worked hard, tackling my daughters’ room while she was away at school. I learned a long time ago that it is next to impossible to get rid of anything while she is standing there watching my every move. “No mommy, I love that doll”, or “I will miss her mommy”. All those little bitty parts that belong to some plastic toy that she only plays with in the tub…gone. The more important ones, I put in a basket and waited to see if she would ask for them, she didn’t, GONE! My conscience told me it was okay, as it is Christmas time and a slew of new toys is coming her way. I felt good.

With 10 boxes full, a large desk removed from downstairs that allow for the cutest playroom, and lots of things to donate. I felt great! I turned to my mom and gave her the biggest hug. She was happy because I was happy. I love you mom.

by Anita Smiley

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