Book List

Books We Love

We love reading fun books, of course we love everything Disney but in between reading Princess books, I like to find interesting stories that teach important lessons.

I Like Myself!
by Karen Beaumont

A story about a confident, funny child that appreciates
EVERYTHING about herself.  Beautiful words and
wonderful illustrations by David Catrow.

Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse
by Kevin Henkes

Lilly wants to play with her amazing new purple plastic purse during school. When her teacher tells her that she can't, she interupts the lesson by showing the purse anyway and it is taken away. Lilly is not a happy. 

Limu The Blue Turtle
by Kimo Armitage

A sweet story of a blue turtle that is accepted by friends because of his kind heart. The message of this book is one of friendship, kindness and inner beauty.

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