Holiday Fun

We did lots of things for Halloween Fun. Crafts, a carnival and a big trick or treat night with friends.

Finger Dogs

Eyeball Salad

The Evil Witch is dead

Great Pumpkin Carvings

Apple Dunk

Wagon Rides

Scary Houses

Scary Monsters

Cool and Creative Displays

Donut Game

A costume change (a ballerina/butterfly/princess) and Trick or Treating with friends.


Halloween Pins to make for a special teacher or grandparents.

Step 1
Printout a Halloween coloring page.
(I picked mine up at 
Cut around each image.

Step 2
Preheat oven to 250F
Roll out Sculpey Clay (thin)
Place coloring page cutouts on the clay and trace the image  with a pen. Use a knife or box cutter to cut the images out of the clay.

Step 3
Place the cutouts on a tray and bake for 15-20 minutes. I usually make a bunch to use for another project.

Step 4
Once the cutouts are cooled, let the little one paint the clay cutouts with black paint (applied extra thick).

Step 5
While the paint is wet, sprinkle lots of black glitter on the cutouts. Let dry.

Step 6
Add a self adhesive bar pin to the back.(I use a glue gun to attach the bar pin so they don't fall off.)

Step 5
Let your child glue eyes on the front.
Grandma will be proud of this one.

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