Craft Day

Face Painting on Ariel
Here's a simple activity that my daughter loves. Instead of painting on her face, I set a table up with face paint, brushes, wipes, water and the face painting guide book (she likes to choose a design from the book).
She loves to face paint on Ariel. This gives her great pleasure... sorry Ariel.  



Super Cool Bracelet...or Anklet
Here's a simple craft that girls love. You can also use it for boys by creating Superhero cuffs.
You can create a bunch of the bracelets in different colors at one time and save some for another craft day.

What you will need:
Cardboard Rolls (from paper towels or gift wrapping)
Colored Tissue Paper
Paint Brush
Fabric, etc.

Step 1: 
Gather the supplies needed to make the bracelet:
Cardboard rolls
Colored tissue paper
Glue diluted with water
Paint brush

Step 2:
Paint the cardboard rolls with glue.
Fold tissue paper so that it is doubled.
Roll tissue paper around cardboard roll, continue adding glue as you roll.
I usually go around the roll 3 times with the tissue paper.

Step 3:
After the final roll. I go over the entire covered roll with a thin layer of the diluted glue. (It makes the bracelet a little more sturdy.
Let dry over night.

Step 4:
Once the roll has dried, cut straight down the middle, then cut the bracelets 2-3 inches thick.
You can make a bunch of different colors and store them for the next craft day.

Step 5:
Gather all the embellishments and let them have fun creating their
Super Cool Bracelets

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