Thursday, October 6, 2011

Lunchbox Notes

A Little Note Goes A Long Way

Recently my husband went to an open house at my daughter’s school. When he returned home he told me that kids really like receiving notes in their lunch box from mom and dad.

Per the head teacher, it helps with their self-esteem. They feel happy and secure knowing mom and dad are thinking of them throughout the day. 

We are always in a rush in the mornings, how on earth can I add one more “to do”. But it does sound really special, not something I would do everyday, but a little note here and there might brighten her day. 

So off to the computer I went. Downloading clip art images, writing down cute little sayings, making my husband come up with funny ones and banging away at Photoshop until the wee hours of the night.

Once I had all the cards complete. I secretly put one in her lunchbox. I couldn’t wait to see what her response would be when I picked her up from school. She was so excited about her little special note. She told me that when she thought about me during the day, she would go over and rub her card. I told her every time she rubbed the card; I felt a little tickle in my heart.
by Anita Smiley
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