Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Special Day for Mommy

A Special Day for Mommy

We were going out of town over the weekend and I needed to pack and get things organized before taking off. My daughter saw me sweeping the floor and decided that she wanted to clean the house too.

Now I have to tell you, she is not the cleaning type. She pretty much throws everything on the floor if she has no use for it. I generally run behind her, picking up string cheese wrappings, toys, tiaras, clothes and shoes until I’m exhausted.  But today was a special day for mommy. She swept all of her coins that she dumped out of her bank into a neat pile. I suggested that she return them to the bank. She told me she wanted to use them later to skate on because they are slippery.

Next, she moved into her bedroom, this was really a special treat! She never wants to clean her room. I watched from a non-disturbing distance as she picked up ALL the toys, including the little bitty ones off the floor and put them in the proper container. She straightened books on the bookshelf, separated and reorganized her animal books from the books we read at night. She moved her teacups and saucers to an undisclosed location; put her dolls in their bed with a cover, so they could be nice and warm and dumped all her shoes into the closet.

She bragged about how clean and shinny her room was going to be and that she would clean it everyday!

Boy, I’ve never seen this kind of behavior before. As I walked back into the room to tell her how proud I am, she told me, “I need alone time, go work on your computer”.  I was thrilled to oblige.

A few minutes later I heard a grunting sound coming from her room. I walked over to the door and saw her making the bed. I asked her why she was making such a funny sound as she made the bed. She looked up at me and said, “now mommy, this is hard work!”

by Anita Smiley

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